Mass email address extraction by URL list or keywords

You can use the tool to extract email addresses from a website to bypass a specific site. The basic keyword search feature allows you to quickly launch a new search. The mass search tool is designed to handle multiple sites, or more precise keyword parsing.

To run the mass search tool, click on "Bulk search" button.


Method 2 - By keywords

By clicking the Paste templates button you can insert a basic query template which can be modified to meet your demands. This feature allows you to customize your keyword search more precisely.



Example: We want to search for contacts only on sites from the first page of Yandex (Russia) and Google (UK). And with no limit on the number of results found on this one page. In this case, our templates will look like this:

{Engine="" Keyword="Buy good tea in London" Depth="0" Max="-1"}
{Engine="" Keyword="Manufacture plastic windows" Depth="0" Max="-1"}

We also want LetsExtract to open each site found, and view only the first pages linked to in the search results (not dive deep). To do this, let's set the overall value of Crawl depth = 1. Let's run the search: