You just need to enter a list of keywords to start searching. LetsExtract will send queries to search engines, get a list of pages relevant to your query, visit those pages and extract email addresses and other contacts directly from the page code. Learn more...

If you know exactly the sites where you can find email addresses - specify them. LetsExtract will upload URLs, analyze the content, and collect necessary contacts. In fully automatic mode. Learn more...

LetsExtract Email Studio can extract email addresses from all the most popular file formats. The program works in multithreading mode, and the processing is very fast. Learn more...

LetsExtract supports POP3 and IMAP protocols. Just specify the connection parameters to your mail server and the folder from which you want to extract the addresses of senders or receivers. Learn more...

The program also knows how to extract contacts of corporations placed in the Yelp directory. You can select a country, city and specify a keyword. Learn more...

The built-in Facebook parser allows you to extract the addresses of your friends, group members and any other people. Despite the latest updates to the Facebook API, our product continues to work stably. Learn more...

The tool to extract email addresses from Twitter is another feature of LetsExtract Email Studio. The program collects email addresses by clicking on links that users have specified in their profiles. Learn more...

Extracting contacts from Google Maps is probably one of the most effective ways to find leads, which works especially well for the b2b segment. Google Maps Extractor is one of the new features of LetsExtract Email Studio.  Learn more...

LetsExtract can extract contact information of domain owners from public Whois records. Learn more...

Navigate through the pages the same way you do in your browser. The program will analyze the contents of pages in the background and extract email addresses. Learn more...


You can use Email Extractor to collect email addresses, phone numbers, and other contacts according to the given parameters. The app has several operation modes. Eventually it generates a file with a list of contacts that can be imported into any email and SMS campaign service.

Our app has a really NUMEROUS number of features. You can collect contacts by keywords, scrape websites, social networks, forums, document files, and mailboxes. A built-in scripting language and a visual editor will let you create parsers with no need to learn programming languages. Our product is really unique.

Prices start at USD $39. Payment is accepted in rubles. A single license is for 1 PC. The app can also be installed on a Windows server. There is no charge for updates. There are no restrictions on the number of collected addresses.

Any computer powerful enough to run Windows 7 smoothly would meet the requirements for using the app. Its performance greatly depends on the quality of the Internet connection. The faster your Internet connection, the faster your database will be collected.

The main advantage is that the app runs on your computer. Online email lookup services charge a fee for each found contact. All contacts you find with LetsExtract are yours. You can collect 100, 1000, 10000, and even hundreds of thousands of contacts per day while paying for your license just once.

It all depends on the type of search. Phone numbers, names (if possible), page URLs, meta tags, business names, postal addresses, etc. are extracted along with email addresses. All this information can be saved in TXT, CSV files or exported to Excel.

Yes, LetsExtract can run on Apple Mac computers with Intel and M1 processors through the Parallels Desktop emulator. You can download this emulator here:

1) Download LetsExtract from our website. 2) Choose a few keywords for searching the leads. Start with 2-3 combinations. 3) Run a keyword search with default parameters. This mode is optimized for beginners, no additional setting up is required. 4) Wait until the process is completed and save the results in a file of the required format.

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