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our product that automatically harvests TARGETED email addresses, phone numbers, Skype IDs, and Facebook/Twitter UIDs


Nowadays, Google can easily ban your website for using search engine optimization techniques that it doesn't like. Of course, you can buy AdWords, but it will probably make more money for Google than for you. It's time to switch to alternative lead generation methods!


LetsExtract Contact Extractor is a brand new app that is based on proven and tested data search and extraction technologies. It will quickly generate massive amounts of TARGETED leads for you.


Contact Extractor can extract all kinds of contact details from your potential customers' social media profiles: email addresses, phone numbers, website links, and so on. Naturally, your targeted newsletters and cold calls will be much more effective than nontargeted ones.


Our product will save you a lot of time. We've already done a great job (mind you, we've been developing it for 7 years), and we continue to improve it! Download our app NOW and evaluate ALL of its features FOR FREE!

Are your customers online?

  • You can search for them on LetsExtract, just as if you were searching on Google. But 10 times faster!
  • Our product supports keyword search via Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask, AOL, Baidu, Brave and Yandex. For example, type in "plumbing fixtures store" or "plumbing store" if you wholesale plumbing fixtures.
  • You will get TENS OF THOUSANDS of search results! Email Studio will automatically crawl the websites from the search results, parse the webpages, and extract email addresses and phone numbers along with their owners' names.
  • LetsExtract has a built-in website crawler that has no limits on the number of pages and the number of runs. Tools for extracting contacts from mailboxes, social networks, and directories are also available.
Extract emails from search engines

Take a look at a brief overview of the features you can enjoy:

Specify a list of keywords to start data extraction. LetsExtract will submit queries to search engines, get a list of pages relevant to your query, navigate to these pages and extract email addresses and phone numbers directly from the page source code. Learn more...

If you know exactly which sites to look for email addresses on, specify them. LetsExtract will download the URLs, analyze their content, and collect the necessary contacts. Fully automated.  Learn more...

Quickly find company contacts

In LetsExtract you can specify a company website (e.g. microsoft.com) and the program will show available email addresses on this or related domains (combined search mode is used).

LetsExtract Email Studio can extract email addresses from all the most popular file formats. The program works in multithreading mode, and the processing is very fast. Learn more...

LetsExtract supports POP3 and IMAP protocols and can connect to any email service. Thanks to this feature, it will be easy for you to extract emails and phone numbers of people with whom you have corresponded. Learn more...

By running this tool and specifying keywords and country, you will get many URLs of businesses noted in the Google Business directory and Google Maps. LetsExtract then navigates to these sites and extracts the contacts.  Learn more...

The program is able to retrieve contacts of businesses listed in the Yelp directory. You can select a country, city, and specify a keyword. Learn more...

Extract from Instagram

No extra charge: LetsExtract uses undocumented features of Instagram API to collect contacts of followers and followers of people. If no contacts are found in the profile, the program will go to the website. 

The built-in Facebook parser allows you to extract the addresses of your friends, group members and any other people. Despite the latest updates to the Facebook API, our product continues to work stably. Learn more...

The tool to extract email addresses from Twitter is another feature of LetsExtract Email Extractor. The program collects contacts by clicking on links that users have specified in their profiles. Learn more...

LetsExtract will show all public information about the domain name owner. Multi-threaded mode and list-based operation are supported. Learn more...

Our program is not only an "email scraper": LetsExtract will extract and save phone numbers, meta tags, keywords, names and any other related information. Learn more...

Navigate through the pages the same way you do in your browser. The program will analyze the contents of pages in the background and extract email addresses. Learn more...

Do you want even more automation? No problem! Just make your own search list, add links, enter keywords, and click the Start button! Batch email address harvesting is a great option if you already have some experience with Email Studio. Learn more...

Customize it as you like

You can limit search depth and number of pages, filter by domain and country, specify your own regular expressions, use proxy lists, limit parsing by characters and masks.

Saving and exporting

There are no problems with saving data. Clipboard, TXT and CSV files as well as Excel documents are supported.

Our email grabber works in multithreaded mode and has no limits on the number of found addresses.

Ready-made spam bases are usually not up-to-date. With the help of our program you will be able to create a high-quality and unique list of email addresses for sending emails.

We do not charge for updates or the number of addresses found. Your key will always work.


You can use LetsExtract Email Extractor to collect email addresses, phone numbers, and other contacts according to the given parameters. The app has several operation modes. Eventually it generates a file with a list of contacts that can be imported into any email and SMS campaign service.

Our email scraper has a really NUMEROUS number of features. You can collect contacts by keywords, scrape websites, social networks, forums, document files, and mailboxes. A built-in scripting language and a visual editor will let you create parsers with no need to learn programming languages. Our product is really unique.

Prices start at USD $49. A single license is for 1 PC. The app can also be installed on a Windows server. There is no charge for updates. There are no restrictions on the number of collected addresses.

Any computer powerful enough to run Windows 7 smoothly would meet the requirements for using the app. Its performance greatly depends on the quality of the Internet connection. The faster your Internet connection, the faster your database will be collected.

The main advantage is that the app runs on your computer. Online email lookup services charge a fee for each found contact. All contacts you find with LetsExtract are yours. You can collect 100, 1000, 10000, and even hundreds of thousands of contacts per day while paying for your license just once.

It all depends on the type of search. Phone numbers, names (if possible), page URLs, meta tags, business names, postal addresses, etc. are extracted along with email addresses. All this information can be saved in TXT, CSV files or exported to Excel.

Yes, LetsExtract can run on Apple Mac computers with Intel and M1 processors through the Parallels Desktop emulator. You can download this emulator here: https://www.parallels.com/.

1) Download LetsExtract from our website.
2) Choose a few keywords for searching the leads. Start with 2-3 combinations.
3) Run a keyword search with default parameters. This mode is optimized for beginners, no additional setting up is required.
4) Wait until the process is completed and save the results in a file of the required format.

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Why is LetsExtract the best email parser?


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Why should you choose LetsExtract Contact Extractor?

It's a 100% professional product!

It was made by professionals with extensive experience in software development. Email Studio is based on our previous social media, website, and search result parsing projects. It will be a great help to marketing experts and beginners. Email Studio is highly optimized for fast HTML page parsing. In some cases, we even had to limit the parsing speed, simply because HTML pages couldn't be retrieved from websites that quickly. We also made sure that Email Studio is as user-friendly as possible. You don't need any special skills to use it!

LetsExtract is a smart solution.

We are not going to disclose our know-how, but here's an example. If you've read the text above, you already know that Email Studio can crawl websites and extract leads. But instead of starting to download the entire website straight away, our app first checks it for any webpages whose URLs contain words like Contacts, Feedback, Our Members, etc. This approach saves both time and traffic! Here's another example: You don't want to be banned by anti-spam systems for sending unwanted emails, right? Then you need to extract only the most relevant leads. You also need to be very careful when harvesting leads from social media. But don't worry! LetsExtract Email Studio knows what kind of website it's currently crawling and cleverly disguises itself as a web browser. This approach works especially well with Facebook and other social media.

It's like a Swiss Army knife!

Did you ever see so many handy tools in one moderately-priced product? WE GUARANTEE that you will not find anything that is cheaper than LetsExtract Email Studio and has a similar set of features. As for web-based services, they provide minimum functionality for a monthly fee. But, of course, we are just trying to sell you our worthless product, right? Well, take a look at the comparison table: