How to extract Facebook group member/friend IDs

An easy way to run a targeted ad campaign on Facebook:

In addition, you can use users' email addresses and phone numbers as Custom Audience IDs.

After the latest updates in the Graph API, the capabilities of Facebook parsing programs have decreased significantly. However, in LetsExtract Email Studio this feature still works.

For your safety we recommend not to use your main Facebook account in LetsExtract. Also, if you get the 101 Invalid Application ID error or 400 error when logging into your account, it means that Facebook API is not available in your country. Create a new account, and specify that you are located in the USA.

Unlike similar online services, LetsExtract has no limits on the number of IDs that can be found and besides there are no extra charges.

Extract Facebook group member IDs:


Extract your friends' Facebook IDs:

It is performed similarly to extracting group members, except the 2nd step - instead of going to the group page, go to the “Friends section” of your Facebook account.