Tutorial - how to extract data from Facebook with LetsExtract (Updated 14 March 2019)


Fanpage and group search feature do not working anymore (but the other features are still working well).
At this time, you have to find the fanpage's id or group's id yourself than input and scrape data.
After 2 months, We had tried to fix this feature. And now Facebook had the official annoucement that they had closed fanpage and group search feature forever. Link: https://developers.facebook.com/docs/graph-api/changelog/breaking-changes#search-4-4

Step 1 - find the groups

Open facebook.com in your browser and use keyword search:

Step 2 - join the group

IMPORTANT: To retrieve data, you need your membership approved!

Step 3 - start search

Copy group ID from the browser and paste into the LetsExtract. Click the 'Start search' button.