How to extract contacts (emails, phones) from Google Maps with LetsExtract

Google Maps is not only a convenient online mapping service, but also a business directory, which (according to various estimates) today represents from 200 to 500 million companies around the world. This service also has characteristics of a social network - companies have a rating and an advanced system of publishing reviews.

Extracting contacts from Google Maps is probably one of the most effective ways to find leads, which works especially well for the b2b segment.

Google Maps Extractor is one of the new features of LetsExtract Email Studio. With our program you can quickly and easily extract email addresses, phone numbers, names, addresses, categories and other information from business cards on Google Maps. The search is based on keywords and locations and is fully automatic. The found contacts can be exported or verified for existence with Email List Verifier. Then you can pass the leads to our mailing program.


How to use