Extracting Skype IDs with LetsExtract

LetsExtract Email Studio can not only extract email addresses and phone numbers. The program can also extract Skype, Yahoo, MSN, AIM, ICQ user IDs.

Extract Skype IDs from search engines
Specify a list of keywords and LetsExtract will extract Skype IDs that best match your search terms.

Extract Skype IDs from websites
Select a domain list or a starting URL and LetsExtract will go through the entire site or just the selected pages and extract the found Skype IDs.

Extract Skype IDs from files
LetsExtract can also parse local files and folders on your computer. The program does this quickly as it works in multithreading mode.

Extracting Skype IDs from Mailboxes
LetsExtract supports POP3 and IMAP and can directly connect to mail servers such as Gmail, Outlook, etc. The program will download your correspondence and extract contacts from it.

Saving and exporting
You can process search results (delete duplicates, delete results with keywords and so on) and save them in CSV/TXT format or export them to Microsoft Excel or OpenOffice.

How it works

The principle of their extraction is based on the fact that LetsExtract analyzes the page code in search of the protocol prefix. Many webmasters place links on their sites, which launch Skype/Yahoo/MSN/ICQ-client when clicked. For example, a link may look like this:

In this case, it will look like this in the source code of the page:

In the keyword search mode, LetsExtract goes to search engines first and extracts relevant links. Then the program goes to the sites, and extracts Skype IDs (and IDs of other messaging apps). You can see the search results in the "Results tab":

Also, through the "Results" menu, you can mass delete those contacts that were not needed:


By default, only Skype IDs extraction is enabled. To enable other messaging apps types, go to "Settings -> Program Settings..." and click on the "Phone & IM Settings" tab:


Select the desired types of messaging apps and click "OK".