Comparison of email address extracting software

On this page we have reviewed the most popular programs for searching, collecting and extracting emails (email address extractor software).

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Feature LetsExtract Email Studio Email Extractor Pro Email Grabber Lead Extractor Email Miner Email Scraper
Multithreaded extraction from search engines Google, Yahoo, Bing, AOL, Ask, Baidu, Brave and Yandex. An unlimited number of simultaneous connections. Google, Yahoo, Bing, AOL, Ask, Ecosia, and Rambler. A single connection. Google, Yahoo, Bing, AOL, Ask, and Altavista. An unlimited number of simultaneous connections. Google, Yahoo, and Bing. A single connection. Google, Yahoo, and Bing. A single connection. Most likely, it uses Google Custom Search API.
Multithreaded website crawling based on search-engine keyword search
Multithreaded website crawling A single connection. Very slow.
Facebook Extractor
Twitter Extractor
Instagram Extractor
Yelp Extractor
Mailbox (Gmail, Hotmail, etc.) Extractor
Local File/Folder Email Extractor
Bulk Mode
Business Contact Finder
Whois Extractor
Email Validator
Email Sender
Proxy support
Anti-Captcha Support
Email Extractor
Phone Extractor
Skype ID Extractor
Facebook & Twitter ID, WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram Phone Extractor
Export to Excel, TXT, CSV, OpenOffice or vCard TXT & CSV & vCard Excel & CSV Excel & CSV
Fine-tuning High Medium Low Low Low None
Supported operating systems Windows Windows Apple Mac & Windows Windows Windows Серверное решение
Price $49 USD (LIFETIME UNLIMITED LICENSE) $45 USD (one-off cost) $17 USD (one-off cost) $78 USD (one-off cost) $97 USD (one-off cost) $10 USD (monthly fee)
The best choice for beginners

If you think you can never create an email list from scratch, LetsExtract Email Studio comes to your help! Use it, and you will easily find thousands of contacts in your market niche, who can become your subscribers or customers.

A must-have tool for professionals

Our product is the best email crawler you can find on the market. You can fine-tune it to grab only the most relevant emails/phones/Skype IDs/SM UIDs. For example, you can harvest phone numbers and Skype IDs to make a highly targeted cold calling list. You can also use your own regular expressions to collect custom information. You can make adjustments even if Email Studio has already begun harvesting. For example, you can change its settings, include or exclude certain webpages, and so on.

This app can make you a lot of money!

If you have a high-quality product or service and use an email list to promote it, each subscriber can bring you about $1 a month. That's the email marketing standard. A decent email crawler can generate tens of thousands of leads. If only 10 percent of them become your subscribers, you can make a lot of money. It will take LetsExtract Email Studio a couple of hours to generate 10,000 leads! Let's make some calculations. If 10 percent of the leads become your subscribers (the best-case scenario), you can make $1000 a month. Even if only 5 percent of the leads become your subscribers, you can still make $500 a month. Don't you agree that buying our app is a great investment? Just imagine how many new leads it can generate for you if you use it once a week! You can test new keywords, adjust the targeting or geographic settings, and explore new market niches! Try it out today FOR FREE! Click here to download the FREE DEMO VERSION.