What's the price? How to buy LetsExtract?

Frequent question: How much does LetsExtract cost, how much are upgrades and how do I buy LetsExtract?

The prices are published on our website: https://letsextract.com/pricing.htm

You can add the license you need to your cart (Email Extractor, Email Verifier, Email Sender). If you add more than 2 licenses, you will get a discount. All licenses are lifetime. All updates are free.

Than the more licenses you buy, the bigger discount you get. Read more: https://letsextract.com/pricing.htm

Each license is for 1 computer.
The license is activated instantly to your account email.

More information about licensing: https://letsextract.com/docs/licensing.htm

More about activation: https://letsextract.com/docs/your_licenses.htm

How to transfer the license to another computer: https://letsextract.com/helpdesk/knowledgebase.php?article=1

LetsExtract Software product pages:  Email Extractor |  Email Validator |  Bulk Mailer